Stainless steel sportbars are polished to a mirror shine and will immediately set your Viper apart from the rest.
When famous Magician / Illusionist, Criss Angel made the decision to personalize his 2006 Viper Coupe, he turned to the Automotive Magicians at RealWheels Accessories in the Chicago Suburb of Gurnee, Illinois.

The Project Team at RealWheels has earned quite a reputation for creating some of the country’s hottest customized vehicles. Their automotive creations are usually unveiled at huge industry events like the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) shows in Las Vegas. This one was just delivered back to Nevada, and was filmed for an episode of Angel’s A&E television series “MindFreak”. During filming, RealWheels Vice-President, Jhan Dolphin took Angel through the various modifications with the help of Project Manager, Cory Polka. “Criss gave our team complete creative license on the Viper, and he was absolutely thrilled with the result.” Said Polka.

“I met with Criss earlier this year, to coordinate a completely separate project.” Explains Dolphin. “When he learned that I also drove a Viper, Criss began asking what our team might do to make his unique. Two weeks later, it was loaded onto a transport truck, and heading toward our facility in Illinois.”

Most of the vehicles that RealWheels customizes are the same models that their manufacturing facility builds aftermarket parts for. They currently produce over 500 vehicle accessories in billet aluminum and stainless steel for niche vehicles like Dodge Viper, Toyota’s new FJ Cruiser, and all Hummer models.

The Viper project had some very specific goals according to Dolphin. “Criss is NOT your typical rabbit-out-of-a-hat magician.” Exclaims Jhan “He’s got an innovative and edgy style that is taking the Magic world by storm. He’s attracting a whole new audience to Magic, and that style also comes through in the music he produces. We needed to take all of this into account when designing the Viper’s modifications.”

The final product that rolled out of the RealWheels facility last week has the sleek grace of a black jet fighter, with numerous chrome accents, and a sound system to make even the most experienced audiophile envious. Watch for this custom Viper to be featured as part of the second season of “MindFreak” on A&E. As for RealWheels, Dolphin says that work has already begun on a very unusual custom vehicle that will be unveiled at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

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